Ultimate Party Tool

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Our Ultimate Party Tool features a beer shotgun tool and a lighter on opposite ends, making it a versatile accessory for anyone who loves to shotgun and light stuff! Designed for people who’s second homes are outdoor gatherings, concerts, and social gatherings.


Always be Prepared 

You never know when you might need to shotgun a beverage. An old friend could be going about his life when y’all run into each other at the store. It was destiny that brought y’all together for a shotgun battle. The small size and lightweight construction allows you to carry your tool around with you wherever life takes you.


Easy To Use 

The simple, intuitive design of the Party Tool makes it easy to use even for those who have never shotgunned a beer before. The lighter is refillable, and the beer shotgun tool comes with instructions for optimal use.

Ultimate Ice Breaker 

 The Party Tool just makes socializing more fun. The shotgun tool and lighter combination make it easy to start conversations and break the ice with new people. It can also be a fun way to engage with your friends and get the party started.




The Ends and Outs:

Original Unique Design: This multi-purpose key chain multitool is integrated with a permanent flint metal match lighter, a beer bottle opener and an EDC keychain. It’s a great deal to have one EDC survival tool for key holding, backpacking, or more 

Utility Versatile: This keychain is a perfect tool as it combines utility and convenience, which makes it a must-have hiking or camping gear for hunting, traveling, and other outdoor activities. Works equally well even when wet or cold 

Attention: Need to add a small amount of fuel (gasoline or kerosene) before using the igniter, let the match stick infuse for 1-2 minutes until the cotton core completely absorbs the fuel. ( Note: According to airmail regulations, lighters products do not allow to contain fuel).
Durable: the flint starter and adjustable cotton can endure at least 10,000 strikes. Premium quality magnesium core striker

Product information:

Type of lighter oil: kerosene
Color: black nickel, gold, silver, gold wine bottle, silver wine bottle,
Ancient nickel snowflake lion head, antique nickel snowflake snake head, bronze snowflake skull, bronze snowflake leopard head

Packing list:

Metal keychain*1