3 Prong Marshmallow Roaster

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Our 3 prong Marshmallow Roaster features three prongs made of durable stainless steel, along with a comfortable handle for easy grip and control. Ensuring the perfect Marshmallow every time! 

 High-Quality Construction

The stainless steel prongs of this marshmallow roaster are built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy countless marshmallow roasting sessions without worry of them bending or breaking. 

Effortless Upkeep

Thanks to its stainless steel construction, this roaster is effortless to clean. Simply grab some water, and some soap if necessary and get a good wipe. Just like that you’re Marshmallow Roaster is ready for another batch.

Safe and Convenient

The long handle provides a safe distance between your hand and the fire, preventing any accidental burns. The safety of our children is no longer at risk.


The Ends and Outs:

1. Durable & Rust-Resistant: These shrimp skewers are made of light stainless steel that is strong and sturdy, not easy to bend or rust. They have a well-structured design that can last for years of use.
2. Even and Secure Grilling: These shrimp skewers have a special design that won't move or spin food, so you can grill more food at the same time. They are about 11 inches long and keep all food in place, won't fall off the kebab. They also ensure even heat distribution and grill evenly on both sides while flipping.
3. Convenient & Rreusable: Unlike wooden skewers, you don't need to soak them before grilling or spend money to replace them. You can easily wash them by dishwasher or hand and use them again and again for delicious kebabs.
4. Easy Food Removal: With just a single touch, you can effortlessly slide the meat off skewers without leaving any pieces behind. The slider locks into place and has an ergonomic handle that won't burn your fingers.
5. Easy Food Insertion: With a slanted tip design, you can insert chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, and other food easily and securely. You can also add vegetables and fruit to make delicious and colorful skewers for grilling.

Product information:
Specifications: OPP three-fork barbecue fork, 1 fork Oxford cloth bag, 2 forks Oxford cloth bag, 2 forks Oxford cloth bag silicone brush
Material: Stainless steel
Style: modern simplicity


Packing list:
Barbecue Fork*1/Barbecue Fork*1 Cloth Bag*1/Barbecue Fork*2 Cloth Bag*1/Barbecue Fork*2 Cloth Bag*1 Silicone Brush*1

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